An Intimate Look At Bathroom Vanity Lighting

An Intimate Look At Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Bathrooms can be hard places to light, and one area in particular — the vanity — is a sticking point for many. Hill Country Lighting offers a wide variety of lighting to suit your needs, from landscape and outdoor to indoor and bathroom lighting. Below, we'll take a look at bathroom vanity lighting. Shop at our Kerrville lighting store, or browse online today!


Choose Bathroom Vanity Lighting for Function Over Beauty

While we all want our living spaces to pop and attract the eye, we don't want to sacrifice function over form. Many people choose bathroom vanity lighting that does not suit their space because they like it. Here at Hill Country Lighting, we believe you don't have to sacrifice beauty for function. Let our lighting specialists be your guide when choosing bathroom vanity lighting.


Choose Bathroom Vanity Lighting to Fit Your Space

Whether you have a large master bathroom or a small half-bath next to your kitchen, it's important to choose bathroom vanity lighting that will not overwhelm the space in search of more lighting. Wall sconces or pendant lighting that hangs on either side of your vanity space are great options that come in a variety of sizes that will suit your space well.


Side Lighting for Vanities is Always Better

Shadows are mainly created when light shines down directly overhead. While you may love your mini-chandelier, if you are lacking side lighting, you will be fighting shadows forever. Instead, choose a type of wall light beside the mirror to see your face clearer every time.


Consider Vanity Lighting With Dimmers

For the most part, you want bright lighting for your vanity space. However, you may want to be able to tone down the mood for when you are not using your vanity area. Dimmers on bathroom vanity lighting allow for many functions easily.


Hill Country Lighting in Kerrville, Texas, offers the perfect vanity lighting, as well as landscape, outdoor, kitchen, living area, and more lighting for your needs. Shop in-store, or browse online today!