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Just the word “chandelier” can bring to mind an ornate, candle-bedecked light glimmering over the center of a dining room table. While the dining room may be the traditional spot to place a chandelier, today's trends are all about finding unexpected ways to use classic lighting.

Quite simply, chandeliers transform a room, no matter where they are hung. Chandeliers are often found in living rooms as a statement-making focal point in the center of the room, but one of the latest trends is to install an eye-catching chandelier directly over a sofa. And it’s even better if you have two sofas with two chandeliers overhead, providing a beautiful touch of symmetry.

Take a pair of chandeliers into the bedroom, where they will bring balance to the room when hung over each nightstand. Not only does it add an aura of elegance, it’s a space saver when a spot is freed up on the nightstand where a table lamp used to stand. Or install a single, large chandelier over the bed to double as a general light source as well as adding to the overall ambiance of the room.

The bathroom is an increasingly common place to find a chandelier. Hang a unique chandelier to add general lighting to a large batroom. Or, add a gorgeous chandeliers over the tub to give a spa-like feel to the room. Just remember that it must be damp or wet-rated for use in the bathroom, and with 8 feet of clearance from top of the tub to the bottom of the chandelier.

Walk-in and dressing room style closets can handle a dramatic light source, so put a chandelier there, too. It’s a great way to display a shoe collection as well as light the way to the perfect clothing choice.

Another room that chandeliers are popping up in is the laundry room. People tend to spend a lot of time in laundry rooms, and it’s become fashionable to decorate this area with eye-catching style. So why not add a chandelier for an infusion of fresh and fun decor?

Finally, take a chandelier outside the house and into a backyard shed. Used for far more than storing a lawnmower and tools, sheds have come into their own. With the addition of windows and running some electrical power out to the shed, they expand a home’s livable space. It’s a natural spot to install a chandelier that fits the décor, whether the shed is turned into a bunkhouse, a “she-shed” or even a bar pub.

Although there will always be a place for chandeliers in dining rooms and entryways, all it takes is a little imagination to totally transform a space by hanging a stunning chandelier in an unexpected spot. Visit your nearest ALA-member showroom to learn more and see the most current products and trends available today.