One of the most popular lighting layouts in kitchens is the use of shaded or hooded chandeliers above an island. Whether the island is used as prep space or seating, the shades provide glare control and reflect light down to where it is needed. Pendants and chandeliers come in a variety of styles. Currently, the biggest trends in kitchen aesthetics fall into six primary style categories:

Rustic – natural materials with a national park meets Central Park flair

New classic – timeless and simple; elegant without being overly ornate

Industrial – back to basics with simplicity and a well-made utilitarian feel

Geometric – unique shapes and myriad designs add dimension and drama

Glamorous – luxurious materials and a little sparkle (or a lot) turn boring into bold

Schoolhouse globes – old can be new again, whether it’s restored vintage or new with nostalgic design

A trained professional at an ALA-member showroom can help you figure out what style is right for you! Spoiler alert - it might not be the one you're thinking! At ALA we encourage everyone to go in with an open mind when you visit a showroom. The possibilities are becoming endless with the advent of LED lighting, you might be surprised at what you see!

The photo accompanying this post is provided by Z-Lite.