While functionality is still key, stylish and unique bathroom lighting designs are becoming increasingly popular. To meld the two, we recommend utilizing creative ways of installing fixtures and layering light.

The bathroom is used for various, task-oriented activities from applying makeup, to shaving, to getting dressed. Therefore, proper lighting is first and foremost when producing a bathroom lighting layout.

To create an illuminated sink area, the days of just a simple bath bar above the mirror are in the past. Today, people are installing fixtures around the mirror in creative ways to add style and function. For example, try installing swing-arm sconces on either side of a bathroom mirror. These versatile fixtures come in a variety of styles and can be moved around according to your needs. Vertical lights on either side of a bathroom mirror provide the most even illumination, so utilizing wall-mounted sconces or bath bars on the sides of a mirror are also popular trends.

Layers of light are important in every room in the house, and the bathroom is no exception. Recessed cans in the bathroom serve the important role of providing overall illumination, especially in a large master bath. A stunning statement chandelier can also brighten up the space and add a personal touch to the overall bathroom design. Consider hanging a chandelier over the bathtub for a dramatic and elegant look.

Pendants, a fixture often reserved for the kitchen, can also work in the bathroom. They can take the place of a single, larger chandelier over the bathtub, as shown in the photo here by Lithonia Lighting, or can be hung on either side of a mirror, in place of the wall-mounted options mentioned above.

To ensure ultimate functionality, all of your bathroom fixtures should be placed on dimmers. This allows you to easily adjust light levels based on your needs, whether taking a relaxing bath or applying makeup in the morning.