How to Hang Dining Room Lighting This Holiday Season

How to Hang Dining Room Lighting This Holiday Season

With the holidays right around the corner, you may be wondering how to ensure every detail is right for your guests. From the food to the homey, welcoming atmosphere you want to create, your to-do list is growing.

Here at Hill Country Lighting and Home Center, a local lighting store in Kerrville, we offer exceptional dining room lighting for your holiday needs. Learn some tips on how to hang your new dining room lighting fixtures, and stop by today!

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Use Your Dining Room Table as Your Guide

Your dining room lighting will look the best if it's hung over the center of the dining room table. This may not necessarily be the center of your room. After all, you probably have a china cabinet or serving table in your room as well. If you hang your dining room lighting in the center of your room, it will look off-kilter.

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Hang at the Right Height

The last thing you want is for your dining room lighting to be too low that it's in the way of serving or of others who may accidentally hit it. For example, if your dining room has eight-foot high ceilings, then you should have at a minimum 33 inches of clearance room above your dining room table. Your chandelier, pendant, or other dining room lighting can hang higher than this, but not any lower.

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Ensure the Right Size of Dining Room Lighting Fixture

While you want a prominent dining room lighting fixture that people will notice, you don't want one that is so big that it takes over the entire space. Ensure the edges of your lighting fixture are away from the edge of your table (we recommend at least six inches). This is a great way to ensure the lighting fixture once again is not in the way of your guests.

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Consider the Shape of Your Dining Room Table

Let the shape of your dining room table be your guide. If your table is round, a beautiful chandelier can complement it nicely. This type of chandelier can be almost any style, from crystal to modern. If you have a rectangular dining room table, try a linear fixture that spans its length. This can add great lighting and draw attention to your table (and what's on it!), too!

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Use a Dimmer to Set the Mood

Lighting controls, such as dimmers, are great ways to give you precise control over your dining room lighting. This allows you to have bright light to see while eating, but then you can turn the lighting down while sitting around having dessert and coffee afterward. Most fixtures can have a dimmer installed, including for LED lights. Let our lighting designers help. Inquire today.


Hill Country Lighting is proud to offer you the best indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures this holiday season. Whether you're looking to spruce up your dining or kitchen lighting for guests, or you need new entryway lighting, we've got your needs covered.

Our certified lighting designers have years of experience helping Kerrville-area homeowners and business owners have the perfect lighting fixtures for aesthetics, function, and ambiance. Our consultations are free, and here you can bring your ideas and listen to our suggestions to bring your ideas to life. We offer thousands of lighting fixtures from the best brands that are of the highest quality. From Hudson Valley and Elk Home to Kitchler and Troy Lighting, you'll find a wide variety of styles, designs, sizes, and finishes to suit your particular needs. You can rest assured that your new lighting purchase will be long-lasting, durable, and beautiful.

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