When lighting a media viewing space, it is imperative to consider all sources of light. Natural light from outside is as influential as light from indoor fixtures. Multi-purpose spaces generally have windows, which create the need to control that light during the daytime as well as at night when even minor reflections can be distracting.

Motorized shades are a convenient and effective way to manipulate ambient light. Just as important as your light source is the time of day and season, all of which affect the amount of light coming in as well as the angle and intensity of the light. New wireless dimmers easily attach to a wall or simply sit on a tabletop. Designed for simple do-it-yourself installation, the inexpensive devises can be synced to a phone, making it easy to control lights, window shades and room temperature with the touch of one button. For more about wireless light controls, click here to view a new video from ALA and Lutron Electronics Co.