Matte Finished Design Trends You Can't Ignore

Matte Finished Design Trends You Can't Ignore

Are you blinded by your glossy finishes in your rooms that you are craving a change? If so, Hill Country Lighting can help. Our lighting store in Kerrville offers many different types of lighting finishes to meet your needs for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Below, we'll take a look at some matte finished design trends you'll love. Stop by our lighting store today!

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Matte Finishes To Mix Things Up

When it comes to finishes, having the same type of finish in your space may sound like a good idea (after all, they are matching), but in reality, it can be a bit overwhelming. Matte finishes allow you to mix up high-shine with a more subdued look. Flush mount lighting in your bathroom complements the often glossy bathroom fixtures.

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Matte Finishes to Reduce Brightness

Matte finished fixtures absorb light, rather than reflect light like glossy finishes due. This is a great characteristic that you can use to reduce the brightness in a room that has a lot of windows. Consider matte pendant lighting for bright areas you want to tone down.


Matte Finishes to Add Color

Many people only think of matte finishes as coming in black. However, matte finishes come in an array of colors that can add some much needed brightness to a room. Consider Hill Country Lightning's sconces for a great and unique look you'll love.


Matte Finishes to Inspire

There is a classic, inspiring beauty to matte finishes that is hard to replicate with other types of lighting. Hill Country Lighting offers many different types of matt finishes for your space. Consider a matte chandelier in your dining room as just one way to inspire you in your daily life.


If you are looking for the best matte finishes when it comes to lighting, consider Hill Country Lighting in Kerrville for your home or office makeover. Let our expert lighting specialists help guide you to a beautiful space you'll love. Shop in person or online today!