Spruce Up Your Kitchen Island With Lighting

Spruce Up Your Kitchen Island With Lighting

Your kitchen island is an important part of your home’s function. If it has a sink or other items, such as a dishwasher, you may even use your kitchen island many times a day beyond just cooking on it. Kitchen island lighting can provide both task lighting while also playing an important role in your kitchen's overall design feel and mood.

Hill Country Lighting and Home Center has more than 30 years of helping homeowners, builders, interior designers, and contractors in the Texas Hill Country have the best lighting selections to meet their needs. We offer interior and exterior lighting, as well as ceiling fans and home decor. Learn some great ways to spruce up your kitchen island lighting, and shop online today!

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Consider Adjustable Pendant Lighting

Having great lighting can come down to the height of your light fixture, which will affect how much lighting shines down in a certain area. Adjustable pendants allow you to move your lighting up and down to suit your particular needs at different given times. Many use a weighted pulley system, making moving them up and down easy to accomplish.

Remember Functional Lighting

Choose an Easy-to-Clean Lighting Finish

We all know that grease, grime, and steam can leave behind not-so-cute residue that simply collects more dirt, dust, and grime. One way to keep your lighting shining brightly so it doesn't begin to dim over time is to choose an easy-to-clean lighting finish that you can wash easily. Some finishes to consider include metal, glass, and ceramic. Matte-finished fixtures work well, and if you choose a darker color, you can go longer between cleanings.


Match the Size of Kitchen Island Lighting to Your Space

If you have the wrong size of lighting, your space can look extremely disproportionate, and you may not even realize it. For example, if you have a rather long kitchen island and only have one kitchen island light fixture, the light can disappear altogether. Instead, choose lighting fixtures that will fit your space so it complements your kitchen's look, not detracts from it.


Consider Alternative, Modern Designs for Some Flair

Lighting doesn't have to be boring, and here at Hill Country Lighting and Home Center in Kerrville, it most definitely isn't. Consider making a statement with a non-traditional lighting piece that can modernize your more traditional kitchen design and be a focal point. Add pizzazz to your kitchen design. Let a lighting designer help. Schedule a consultation today!


Install Lighting Just for Food Prep

You most likely spend a lot of time preparing and cooking your food. You can make this task a breeze with wonderful lighting just for your food prep area. We recommend a kitchen island lighting type that is open at the bottom so that most of the lighting shines onto your space. Use lights with a diffuser at the bottom of the bulb, so the lighting is not quite as harsh.


Our local lighting store is proud to be offering the best lighting brands with the highest quality lighting fixtures, as well as home decor and furniture, to our customers. We offer custom lighting options and carry many styles that we know Texans love. From traditional and modern to eclectic, we help our customers find the exact lighting type they are searching for.