From new finishes to new inspirations, to products that typically aren't even considered to be lighting, there are many notable design trends in today’s lighting market. Here’s a roundup of three notable trends that are “in” for 2019 and beyond.

Trend One: Brutalist Lighting

First of all, what is Brutalism? A step beyond industrial, Brutalism was coined as a design period after World War II, when low-cost housing and government buildings were built of primarily raw, unrefined materials. The designs were meant to project a sense of strength born of hard edges and a substantial, fortress-like feel.

Hallmarks of Brutalist lighting are jagged shapes, rough textures, patinated metallic finishes, and asymmetrical organic designs. The overall aesthetic is one of hand-worked, hand-crafted and hewn from raw material - the opposite of lighting created through modern technological methods.

Trend Two: Black Finishes

Black is the new Black. An outstanding neutral, lighting finished in black serves a dual purpose: it’s ideal used on an understated fixture, serving as an accessory to a room’s design; and it’s also quite at home used on a statement piece of lighting. Many mixed-metal lighting pieces incorporate black, as it is the perfect foil to cool tones, lending a modern edge to mixes such as black and chrome; and an elegant statement in lighting when mixed with warm tones such as gold.

Black spans a range of style trends: look for it in fixtures in all styles of lighting today, from luxe to modern to rustic to industrial. Black lighting fixtures complement other home design trends too - it blends perfectly with black-toned plumbing and hardware fixtures as well as black painted cabinetry.

Trend Three: Light + Reflection + More

Lighted mirrors have been around for a while, but as technology changes, so has the reflection from today’s mirrors. Thanks to smart technology, internet connections, touch capabilities, LCDs, and LED lighting, mirrors aren’t just mirrors anymore. They give multitasking a new definition: Now brushing teeth can be easily balanced with reading the news, checking email, scrolling through social media, and asking Alexa about today’s weather, all at the same time.

Smart mirrors are two-way mirrors with an electronic display hidden behind the glass. The glass is incredibly transparent, giving the ability to see in the mirror while also viewing helpful updates and information. When lit by high-quality LEDs, these mirrors offer brightness adjustment, color temperature choices, and other ways to check make-up, outfits and general appearance under various light hues. All that is needed is a smart mirror, a connected device plus an app provided by the manufacturer. Configure these separate pieces together and voila – it’s smart mirror magic.