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Exterior lighting plays an essential role in creating a home's ambiance, security, and curb appeal. Exterior lighting enhances your home's outdoor space by illuminating its architecture, landscaping, and walkways. Whether you want to increase your home's value or add a touch of elegance, exterior lighting is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Hill Country Lighting offers a wonderful variety of outdoor lighting at our Kerrville lighting store to suit your needs.

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Types of Exterior Lighting We Offer

Proper exterior lighting enhances the aesthetics of your Kerrville home, increases safety, and adds an extra layer of security. Check out some of our exterior lighting selections below:

How To Choose the Best Exterior Lighting



Before choosing exterior lighting, it's essential to understand why you need it. Do you need the lighting for the driveway, front door, patio, or backyard?



Exterior lighting plays an integral part in complementing the style and design of your home. You want to select lighting fixtures that blend well with your Kerrville home's exterior architecture and other outdoor features. There are numerous styles to choose from, including contemporary, traditional, rustic, Victorian, and modern.


Brightness and Color Temperature

The brightness of exterior lighting can significantly impact the aesthetics and mood of your home. It's necessary to balance the ideal amount of brightness with energy efficiency. It's also essential to consider color temperature as the light color affects the ambiance and mood of your outdoor space.



Exterior lighting fixtures are exposed to the elements all year-round, making it crucial to choose fixtures that will withstand harsh weather conditions.


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